PIP Limits And Limitations

Maryland Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage is an excellent addition to any policy of automobile insurance.  It does have some limits and limitations.

Listed below are some of the limits and limitations of Maryland PIP:

PIP Limits and Limitations

1)    Maryland PIP will only pay for medical bills and lost wages up to the amount of coverage you have purchased.  In most cases this is $2,500. This is a total recovery and not $2,500 each for medical bills and wages. The most PIP coverage available in Maryland is usually $10,000.

2)    PIP will only pay for reasonable and necessary medical expenses. This means that any bill you submit will be reviewed and the full amount is not guaranteed.  Sometimes  personal injury lawyers take PIP claims to court because the reductions are so great.

3)    Maryland PIP only covers medical bills and lost wages (and funeral expenses).  It does not cover expenses such as transportation and property damage or diminished value.

4)    Any wages you submit for payment will be reviewed and only what is deemed to be reasonable and necessary will be paid.  In addition, only 85% of the supported wages will be paid. The best way to support a wage claim is to submit a disability slip from your doctor, listing the dates you missed from work along with your wage claim.

5)    The availability of Maryland PIP can be effected by persons in you family that you live with if you do not have your own policy of automobile insurance.

6)    Maryland PIP will not compensate you for pain, suffering and inconvenience that an accident causes you.  Your lawyer will advise you concerning compensation for these items.


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